Alfa Laval MMPX303 Separator

Brand: Alfa Laval
Item No.: N.A.
Part No.: MMPX-303
Description: Alfa Laval MMPX303 Separator/ Alfa Laval MMPX-303 Oil Purifier Also buy new spares and service kits at best price.
Condition: Refurbished

Alfa Laval MMPX303 Separator. The marine industry relies on the Alfa Laval MMPX303 Separator as a crucial equipment for providing essential services such as purifying fuel and lubricating oils, treating bilge and sludge water, and separating solids from wash water. This separator ensures reliable operation and prevents engine damage by meeting the required quality standards for safe and efficient operations.

The Alfa Laval MMPX303 separator consists of a bowl, disc stack, inlet pipe, discharge outlets, drive motor, and control panel.

Constructed with high-quality materials, the separator is designed to withstand the harsh marine environment and resist the corrosive effects of saltwater and other marine conditions. Its compact design and low energy consumption make it an ideal option for marine vessels with limited space and energy. The self-cleaning feature reduces manual cleaning and minimizes downtime, enhancing the separator’s overall efficiency and effectiveness.

In conclusion, It is an indispensable piece of equipment for ensuring reliable and environmentally friendly marine operations. Its ability to handle various fluids, ease of use, and maintenance make it a highly versatile and efficient solution for a wide range of marine applications, making it an essential component of the marine industry.

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