Alfa Laval MOPX309 Separator

Brand: Alfa Laval
Item No.: N.A.
Part No.: MOPX-309
Description: Alfa Laval MOPX309 Separator/ Alfa Laval MOPX-309 Oil Purifier Also buy new spares and service kits at best price.
Condition: Refurbished

The Alfa Laval MOPX309 separator is a highly efficient and reliable centrifugal separator that ship owners and operators favor for safety and efficiency. This separator uses centrifugal force to separate solid and liquid contaminants from the oil, ensuring that the oil maintains optimal performance and is free of impurities. It’s self-cleaning bowl keeps the separation process efficient and requires minimal maintenance.

Moreover, the MOPX309 separator is easy to install and compact, making it an ideal choice for marine applications where space is limited. Its advanced technology enables continuous operation, which improves the overall performance and reliability of the vessel, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Furthermore, the MOPX309 separator comes equipped with safety features that protect the equipment, environment, and crew, including alarms and shutdown systems that prevent the separator from operating under unsafe conditions. It can separate solids down to 0.5 microns in size, ensuring that the oil is purified to a high degree.

In conclusion, the Alfa Laval MOPX309 separator is a valuable asset for any marine operation looking to maintain the performance and longevity of their equipment. Its advanced technology, versatility, and safety features make it a reliable and efficient solution for oil purification applications in the marine industry. It is an ideal choice for marine applications due to its ability to purify a wide range of oils and its self-cleaning bowl.

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