Alfa Laval P626 Separator

Brand: Alfa Laval
Item No.: N.A.
Part No.: P-626
Description: Alfa Laval P626 Separator/ Alfa Laval P-626 Oil Purifier Also buy new spares and service kits at best price.
Condition: Refurbished

The Alfa Laval P626 Separator is a high-speed disc stack centrifuge used for liquid-liquid and liquid-solid separation.

It separates industrial oils, including lubricating, hydraulic, and fuel oils, as well as purifying biodiesel.

With a maximum capacity of 10,000 liters per hour and speeds up to 7,000 RPM, it ensures efficient and effective separation. Key feature of this separator is high separation efficiency utilizing centrifugal force, resulting in reliable separation.

Low energy consumption, easy maintenance, and safety features make it cost-effective for industrial  applications.

Built-in safety valve and automatic shut-off system prevent accidents and protect the environment. Compact size makes it suitable for use in small spaces or on mobile equipment.

The Separator has automatic control systems, providing continuous operation and optimal performance. It uses centrifugal force to separate liquids of different densities, resulting in efficient separation.

Additionally, The P626 has low energy consumption and is easy to maintain, making it a cost-effective option for industrial applications.

In summary, the Alfa Laval P626 Separator is a reliable and efficient solution for various marine applications. Its high separation efficiency, low energy consumption, easy maintenance, and safety features make it an excellent investment for industries seeking to improve their separation processes while minimizing costs.

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