Mitsubishi SJ15T Separator

Brand: Mitsubishi
Item No.: N.A.
Part No.: SJ-15T
Description: Mitsubishi SJ15T Separator/ Mitsubishi SJ-15T Oil Purifier Also buy new spares and service kits at best price.
Condition: Refurbished

Mitsubishi SJ15T Separator actively performs as a highly efficient and reliable equipment specifically designed for marine services. By employing state-of-the-art technology, this advanced separator plays a pivotal role in actively separating liquids and solids from various fluids used in marine vessels, such as fuel and lubricating oil.

The Mitsubishi SJ15T Separator consists of several key components, including the bowl assembly, drive system, inlet and outlet ports, disc stack, control panel, solids discharge mechanism, liquid discharge mechanism, sensors, and housing and frame.

Built with precision and incorporating cutting-edge features, the SJ15T Separator actively removes contaminants, impurities, and undesirable particles from fluids, thereby actively enhancing their quality and purity. Consequently, it actively contributes significantly to the smooth operation and longevity of marine engines and machinery.

Distinguished by its sturdy construction and durable components, the SJ15T Separator actively exhibits exceptional resilience in the face of the demanding marine environment. Actively designed to endure high temperatures, vibrations, and prolonged operation, it actively ensures reliable performance under even the harshest conditions.

In conclusion, The user-friendly interface and intuitive controls of the SJ15T Separator actively facilitate effortless operation and maintenance. Operators can actively monitor and adjust key parameters to optimize separation efficiency. Moreover, the separator’s thoughtfully designed structure actively allows easy access for routine maintenance and cleaning, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

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