WOODWARD 2301A 9907-023

Brand: Woodward
Item No.: 2301
Part No.: 9907-023
Description: Woodward low voltage 2301A load sharing and speed control Part no.9907-023 Rev-J
Condition: Used In Good Condition

The Woodward 2301A 9907-023 control system specifically designs to ensure efficient and safe operation of steam turbines, gas turbines, and diesel engines in the power generation, marine, and process industries. It controls parameters such as speed, load, temperature, pressure, and flow.

The 2301A control system features a large graphical display with intuitive menus and user-friendly buttons that make it easy for operators to operate and configure. It can monitor and control a wide range of parameters, providing comprehensive control over the turbine or engine.

The 2301A control system prioritizes safety and ensures the safety of the turbine or engine through various protection features such as over-speed protection, over-temperature protection, and loss of signal protection, preventing any damage to the system.

Additionally, the 2301A control system has communication capabilities that allow it to communicate with other devices such as PLCs, DCSs, and HMIs using various protocols such as Modbus, Ethernet, and Profibus.

Overall, the Woodward 2301A 9907-023 control system is a reliable and efficient option for controlling turbines and engines in various industrial applications. Industrial operators find its user-friendly interface, comprehensive control, safety features, and communication capabilities valuable.

Buy Woodward low voltage 2301A load sharing and speed control Part no.9907-023 Rev-J.

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