Brand: Busch
Item No.: MM-1104 BV03
Part No.: n.a.
Description: BUSCH MM-1104 BV03 VACUUM PUMP
Condition: Re-Conditioned Available


BUSCH MM-1104 BV03 PUMP. Marine service providers often use the BUSCH MM-1104 BV03 pump for various applications on ships and offshore platforms, such as pumping bilge water or oily waste from the engine room, degassing tanks, cargo holds, and other enclosed spaces on the ship.

Due to its high pumping speed and low ultimate pressure capabilities, the MM-1104 BV03 pump is suitable for a range of marine applications that require efficient vacuum technology. Its compact design makes it ideal for use in limited spaces, such as on small boats or in offshore platforms where space is at a premium.

Genrally Marine service providers also appreciate the MM-1104 BV03 pump for its reliability and ease of maintenance. With regular oil changes and filter replacements, the pump can provide consistent performance for extended periods, even in harsh marine environments.

Overall, the BUSCH MM-1104 BV03 pump is a valuable asset for marine service providers, allowing them to perform a range of vacuum-related tasks efficiently and effectively. Its robust design, reliable performance, and low maintenance requirements make it a popular choice for marine applications.

The pump has capacity of 75M3 per hour. The pump has 60HPA (Mbar) Pressure. Net weight of this pump is 188KGS.

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