JETS 95MB Vacuumarator Vacuum Pump

Brand: Jets
Item No.: 95MB Vacuumarator Pump
Part No.: N.A.
Description: JETS 95MB Vaccumarator Vacuum Pump
Condition: New & Re-Conditioned Both Available

Buy the new JETS 95MB vacuumarator Vacuum pump for your fleet. We can supply JETS 95MB Vacuumarator Vacuum Pump one single pic of new and refurbished Jets Brand 95MB Vacuum Pump. We also have complete vacuum system with 3 pic of 95MB Vacuum Pumps and control unit at very affordable price.

Why 95MB is the popular choice for your fleet in current time?

This pump creates vacuum, macerates sewage and discharges in one single–pass operation. The capacity of 95MB vacuum pump with 50 Hz is 61 m³/h ACMH at 500 mbar abs. (50% vacuum) and with 60 Hz  91 m³/h ACMH at 500 mbar abs. (50% vacuum). 95MB vacuum pump comes with a heavy flusher capacity. When we use 60 Hz it can do 800 Flushes per hour and by using power of 50 Hz it can do 730 Flushes per hour. The speed range of this pump is 2895 rpm to 3595 rpm. The motor of 95MB vacuum comes with  5.5 KW with 50 Hz and 6.3 KW with 60 Hz. This vacuum pump is made from Stainless steel and other precious metals.

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