JETS 50MB Vacuumarator Unit

Brand: Jets
Item No.: 50MB Vaccumarator Unit 50MBA
Part No.: n.a.
Description: JETS 50MB Vaccumarator Unit 50MBA
Condition: New & Re-Conditioned Both Available


JETS 50MB Vacuumarator Unit. Buy all type of Jets JETS 50MB Vacuumarator Unit for your fleet & industries. We are leading supplier of New & Re-conditioned Jets Vacuum unit i.e. 50MB, 50MBA and other pumps at very affordable price. We are leading supplier and exporter of ship machinery and spares from India. Why 50MBA, 50MB is yet the popular choice of ship owners, ship managers and shipping companies? What is the entire air capacity and of 50MBA, 50MB vacuum Unit? :  It made with 2 Vacuum pump of 25MBA, 25MB AND 52.000 Liters per hour air capacity by using both pump and 24.000 Liters per hour liquid capacity for both pump in unit. How much flushing capacity of 50MBA, 50MB unit? : With power of 60 Hz it has 480 Flushes per hour (each pump capacity 240 Flushes) and by using power of 50 Hz it can do 380 Flushes per hour (each pump capacity 190 Flushes).  How much capacity of the motor of 25MB, 25MBA each vacuumarator pump in unit: For each Pump Motor 3.0 KW with 50 Hz and 3.45 KW with 60 Hz. This vacuum pump is made from Stainless steel and Bronze Material.

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