JETS 15MB Vacuumrator Pump 15MBD

Brand: Jets
Item No.: 15MB Vaccumarator Pump 15MBD, 15MB-D
Part No.: N.A.
Description: JETS 15MB, 15MBD, 15MD-D Vaccumarator Pump
Condition: New & Re-Conditioned Both Available


JETS 15MB Vacuumrator Pump 15MBD for your ships and industries. JETS 15MB Vacuumrator Pump 15MBD HAS  15.000 Liters per house air capacity with liquid capacity of 5.000 Liters per hour. With power of 60 Hz It can do 150 Flushes per hour and with 50 Hz it can do 120 Flushes per hour. This pump is made from Stainless steel and Bronze Material. The motor capacity of 15 MB, 15 MBD is 2.2 KW with 50 Hz and 2.55 KW with 60 Hz.  We are leading supplier of New & Re-condition Jets Pump 15MB, 15MBD, 25MB, 25MBA, 95MB, 195MB and other JETS pumps at very affordable price. We are leading supplier and exporter of ship machinery and spares from India.

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